First blog post

My husband has been suggesting (for quite a while now…) I start a blog. I’ll leave the professional blogging to my sister, but as I’m sitting on the couch in our 2 week old new-to-us house planning our fall garden I thought I may as well start a little “keeping up with the Noel’s” blog now!

I’ve been doing a lot of research on gardening and planting in Florida, specifically Zone 9b, and Tampa is quite the schizophrenic place when it comes to weather. The average low’s are around the low to mid 30’s, but the record low is in the teens! And we all know how hot Florida gets…

Thankfully we have a few months to plan and prep before actually planting our little veggie gardens in September, which my Type-A personality appreciates! Plenty of time to dream, plan, and prep!

I love the look of these cedar beds, especially for only $11 a box! cedar_raised_garden_beds_thumb


I also love the idea of taller beds instead of kneeling or bending over.



I found these great infographics on composting, no pesticide gardening, stormwater collection, and what to plant by month from the University of Florida.



I’ve also decided I’m going to become the crazy plant lady.







Slowly I’m making sure every room has some sort of plant life and I can’t wait to turn our little house into an indoor jungle! A Fiddle Leaf Fig is on the top of my list. Also a lemon tree.