Richmond, Virginia

This past weekend Hubby and I flew up to Virginia for a weekend with my best friend, her husband, and little one! We flew into Washington DC, rented a car, and drove the two hours to Richmond which was cheaper than flying directly into Richmond!

We had so much fun, stayed up really late, and my best friend was super sweet and had Whole30 food ready for me. She’s the best.

In other news, my two youngest sisters are coming down to visit in ten days and I can’t wait! Even though we were only an hour-ish away from my family this weekend we didn’t get to see them, so I’m looking forward to Emily and Joelle coming to Florida!

In other, other news… I will do a Whole30 recap hopefully later this week. Tomorrow is the final day! Kind of hard to believe I’ve made it thirty days! Almost time for the reintroduction phase… which may need to be expedited a little bit with my sisters coming haha!


Whole30:Day 4

On a scale of one to kill-all-the-things, today really wasn’t that bad. (Well, on the Whole30 scale. We won’t talk about the work scale…) I made a scrambled egg (Yes one. It’s a struggle to eat more than one and a half eggs!) and steamed spinach. Not the greatest, but certainly not the worst.

For lunch I packed a hard boiled egg, some carrots and cucumbers, pineapple, and raw cashews. Only at a couple cashews… I’m thinking about roasting them myself. Trader Joes has delicious roasted and salted cashews but of course they would use rice bran oil and that’s a no-no.

But let’s talk about dinner…. I started beef bone broth in the slow cooker last night and let it simmer all night and today while I was at work. We made beef brisket with butternut squash and it was SO GOOD. Hubby laughs at me when I say this, but the flavor profiles were amazing! Where has ghee been all my life?! And where can I find it for less than $8 a container…? Definitely keeping this recipe on our favorites list!

I haven’t really had a sugar craving. Knock on wood. I mean, as I’m sitting here on the couch typing this at 10pm I would love a scoop or two of Publix’s Bearclaw ice cream. It pained me to throw away the half empty container the other day, but it was necessary.

Sleep wise I haven’t noticed any patterns yet. First night was bad, second night was great, and last night I kept waking up. I’m hoping if I stay up a little bit later tonight I’ll sleep well.

Off to finish The Magnolia Story. ❤

Whole30:Day 1-3

Six months later, I remembered I had a blog. Oops.

I started the Whole30 on January 2, 2017 and I am officially 3 days in. Here’s a quick recap:

Day 1
Holymotherofpearl I feel like crap. My head hurts. My body hurts. My stomach hurts. Everything. Hurts. Sugar Dragon is not happy and he’s letting me know it. Went to bed early (as in before 9pm early) and woke up feeling slightly better. Also started Kaila Itsines BBG and it’s unbelievable how out of shape I am.

Day 2

I can do this. I feel like all my time is spent in the kitchen and all I think about is Whole30. I’m loving that the Whole30 week 1 meal plan is all laid out and tells me exactly what to do each day. Win. Started Yoga with Adriene (hello, old friend!) this morning. Thirty days of yoga. Thirty days of Whole 30. Why not?
Also, I haven’t really been hungry… frittata for breakfast again, a banana with sunflower butter  and a few bites of egg salad over spinach for lunch. I had to work late so hubby made Perfect Seared Chicken and I’m never cooking chicken in anything other than ghee again. (Insert praise hands.) Leftover spaghetti squash and roasted red pepper sauce makes for a quick and easy meal after a long day.

Day 3

No headache for the first time since I started this Whole30 thing. Still not crazy hungry… but I have a fridge full of food we need to eat. #Freezer. Did the Abs & Arms workout this afternoon and I’m still sore/hobbling around like an old lady. Seriously, this is bad. Way bad. Behind on the Whole30 Week One meal plan already because it’s SO MUCH FOOD and we just haven’t been eating that much! Bone broth is simmering in the slow cooker for Beef Brisket tomorrow night. Time to heat up some spaghetti squash, ground turkey and homemade tomato sauce for dinner. Poor hubby is going to be tired of spaghetti squash after 3 meals in a row.

To be continued.