Whole30:Day 1-3

Six months later, I remembered I had a blog. Oops.

I started the Whole30 on January 2, 2017 and I am officially 3 days in. Here’s a quick recap:

Day 1
Holymotherofpearl I feel like crap. My head hurts. My body hurts. My stomach hurts. Everything. Hurts. Sugar Dragon is not happy and he’s letting me know it. Went to bed early (as in before 9pm early) and woke up feeling slightly better. Also started Kaila Itsines BBG and it’s unbelievable how out of shape I am.

Day 2

I can do this. I feel like all my time is spent in the kitchen and all I think about is Whole30. I’m loving that the Whole30 week 1 meal plan is all laid out and tells me exactly what to do each day. Win. Started Yoga with Adriene (hello, old friend!) this morning. Thirty days of yoga. Thirty days of Whole 30. Why not?
Also, I haven’t really been hungry… frittata for breakfast again, a banana with sunflower butter  and a few bites of egg salad over spinach for lunch. I had to work late so hubby made Perfect Seared Chicken and I’m never cooking chicken in anything other than ghee again. (Insert praise hands.) Leftover spaghetti squash and roasted red pepper sauce makes for a quick and easy meal after a long day.

Day 3

No headache for the first time since I started this Whole30 thing. Still not crazy hungry… but I have a fridge full of food we need to eat. #Freezer. Did the Abs & Arms workout this afternoon and I’m still sore/hobbling around like an old lady. Seriously, this is bad. Way bad. Behind on the Whole30 Week One meal plan already because it’s SO MUCH FOOD and we just haven’t been eating that much! Bone broth is simmering in the slow cooker for Beef Brisket tomorrow night. Time to heat up some spaghetti squash, ground turkey and homemade tomato sauce for dinner. Poor hubby is going to be tired of spaghetti squash after 3 meals in a row.

To be continued.


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