Whole30:Day 4

On a scale of one to kill-all-the-things, today really wasn’t that bad. (Well, on the Whole30 scale. We won’t talk about the work scale…) I made a scrambled egg (Yes one. It’s a struggle to eat more than one and a half eggs!) and steamed spinach. Not the greatest, but certainly not the worst.

For lunch I packed a hard boiled egg, some carrots and cucumbers, pineapple, and raw cashews. Only at a couple cashews… I’m thinking about roasting them myself. Trader Joes has delicious roasted and salted cashews but of course they would use rice bran oil and that’s a no-no.

But let’s talk about dinner…. I started beef bone broth in the slow cooker last night and let it simmer all night and today while I was at work. We made beef brisket with butternut squash and it was SO GOOD. Hubby laughs at me when I say this, but the flavor profiles were amazing! Where has ghee been all my life?! And where can I find it for less than $8 a container…? Definitely keeping this recipe on our favorites list!

I haven’t really had a sugar craving. Knock on wood. I mean, as I’m sitting here on the couch typing this at 10pm I would love a scoop or two of Publix’s Bearclaw ice cream. It pained me to throw away the half empty container the other day, but it was necessary.

Sleep wise I haven’t noticed any patterns yet. First night was bad, second night was great, and last night I kept waking up. I’m hoping if I stay up a little bit later tonight I’ll sleep well.

Off to finish The Magnolia Story. ❤


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