Richmond, Virginia

This past weekend Hubby and I flew up to Virginia for a weekend with my best friend, her husband, and little one! We flew into Washington DC, rented a car, and drove the two hours to Richmond which was cheaper than flying directly into Richmond!

We had so much fun, stayed up really late, and my best friend was super sweet and had Whole30 food ready for me. She’s the best.

In other news, my two youngest sisters are coming down to visit in ten days and I can’t wait! Even though we were only an hour-ish away from my family this weekend we didn’t get to see them, so I’m looking forward to Emily and Joelle coming to Florida!

In other, other news… I will do a Whole30 recap hopefully later this week. Tomorrow is the final day! Kind of hard to believe I’ve made it thirty days! Almost time for the reintroduction phase… which may need to be expedited a little bit with my sisters coming haha!